The Smartass team created this project to support Ukrainian trainers during the war between Russia and Ukraine.

You can support Ukrainian trainers by buying access to the library of workouts, that we constantly update, or by donating any amount of money.

These money will be shared between Ukrainian trainers who participated in this project.
1000 uah (~$35)
10% will be donated to Tabletochki

The collection of videos includes workouts recorded by Ukrainian trainers from their current locations during the war between Russia and Ukraine. We regularly update the library with new videos.
Support Ukrainian trainers
You will get access to the whole video library of home workouts
Some videos are recorded in English and some in Ukrainian with English subtitles.
For your convenience we divided them into 4 sections.
Different intense workouts, that last for 30-45 minutes. They include cardio and power exercises. This type of workout prepares your body for daily physical activities, helps to burn calories, and relieves stress.
Slow pace the total mind-body workout that combines strengthening and stretching poses with deep breathing and meditation or relaxation. Our collection includes Flow yoga and Hatha yoga.
Combination of ballet, fitness, and pilates. Thanks to special exercises, all muscles will be involved, including small ones, which are hiding under the corset of large ones and are not involved in everyday life.
Our collection includes different types of stretching and mobility exercises. This section will help you to relieve tension in the muscles after intensive movement or after a long sitting in an uncomfortable position. This will help to relax both the body and the mind.
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